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Dr. David J. Armstrong has been practicing chiropractic medicine and total body wellness in California since 1999. During that period, Dr. Armstrong has developed a wide base of patients who have gravitated to his practice as a result of his Neurological Reflex Analysis. 

This is a technique developed by Dr. Armstrong, which is used to analyze the function of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. This technique allows Dr. Armstrong's patients to receive treatments that are specific to the individual needs and conditions that patient's experience. 

Our facility is a mult-faceted wellness center for various treatments including, chiropractic care, detoxification, laser therapy, pain management, corrective exercise, rehabilitation, and nutritional counselling. These treatments are used by chiropractic patients as well as well-conditioned athletes seeking optimum performance.

Dr. Armstrong, his wife and one year old daughter moved to the Mount Shasta area in 2018. As a new member of the community, he is already making significant improvement in the health of those who have treated with him.  The community is quickly understanding why he is the "Go To Doctor" for many of California's top athletes, professionals, and anyone looking for improved vitality quickly and permanently by natural means.